The City of Nardò welcomes new citizens

The City tourism department chairman Giuseppe Romeo, in behalf of the government of the town, has received at Comune di Nardò Mr. and Mrs. Bo and Britt-Louise Martinsson delivering them a Welcoming Plate.

The Swedish couple has believed opportune to buy a property in Santa Maria al Bagno (area of Nardò, Puglia) in order to pass their holiday now and one more assiduous permanence in the years in which they will be retired, all that because attracted from the pictures of this small quiet oasis on the Ionian Sea.

The particularitity of this event has been the way in which the transaction has been concluded.

They, in fact, have bought their new house completely on-line having seen simply the floor plan and some pictures of this under-construction property advertised on After an exchange of e-mails with the property consultant Sonia Perrone Falconieri they have decided to confirm the purchase without never to have been on the territory and trusting of the kindness and professionality of the staff that has dealt with them.

The SIS operates in Puglia since 1990 and 4 years ago it has started to intensify the relationships with North-European partners in order to promote the territory and to increase with arduous job the a lot declaimed process of low-cost tourism.

Thanks to our website – Antonio Spano, general manager of the company, asserts – to the human resources of which the agency boasts the collaboration and the sensibility demonstrated in this field of the Tourism Department of the town this first results make us proud and encourage us to pursue our business mission. Today it is quite a passage of deliveries between us, who have worked to make Salento and Puglia their choice, and the City of Nardò, hoping that this extreme esteem and confidence demonstrated to us do not come disregarded but with the time consolidated, increasing this relationship between our beautiful area and these new citizens.

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