Italien, die romantik des suden – Italy the romance of the south

Winter is just gone and what we really liked of this passed season was seeing Santa Maria al Bagno on the cover of Geo Saison, important travel magazine, which every month gives to the Germans ideas and opinions about travels and worldwide destinations.

“Italien, die romantik des suden” – Italy, the romance of the south – this is the headline that the german magazine, Geo Saison, dedicates to the South Italy and particularly to Puglia, Basilicata e Calabria regions.

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Santa Maria al Bagno: a painting for sale on the famous Saatchi Online

The beauty of Santa Maria al Bagno again in the middle of the scene. In fact, the international artist Ieva Baklane, who live and work in Canada, after seeing some pictures of her relatives regarding their holiday, got inspired by the place and painted “Santa Maria al Bagno, Italy”. The painting is for sale on the website of the famous contemporary art gallery SAATCHI. Thanks to my friend Hakan for sharing this news and be part of it!!

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Our office view

This is the magnificent view that we have out our office in Santa Maria al Bagno, Nardò (Lecce – Puglia). This is splendid and very helpful especially those days when you don’t want to work, you need just to cross the road and laze in the sun or have a refreshing break? Isn’t it? This is the real reason if sometimes we answer to our client emails after several days. :)

I’m joking guys!
I’m just trying to suggest you to stand out of the crowd and spend your holiday or to move in this particular place!

I’ve gotta got now! The sun is waiting for me!