Puglia, Salento: the "heel" of Italy

Have you always been attracted by new places? New traditions? New people?
But you haven’t done yet because of time? Or money?
Well, you don’t need to go far away or spend a fortune, what you need is just to look at THE HEEL. A land where history, traditions, miths, ancient civilizations, various cultures all melt into your arms, pleasing you with a priceless gift: a memory you will never forget.

Let your senses drive you to the right place this time! Open your eyes to miles of sandy & rocky beaches, marvellous Mediterranean landscapes, picturesque villages, elegant fa├žades, Cathedrals & monuments in Baroque style, ancient castles, archaeological sites, charming farmhouses. Make your taste happy with our healthy Mediterranean cuisine, discover our local specialities, our fish just caught, our D.O.C wines, our extra vergine olive oil, our tempting desserts, liqueurs and more.

Add new sounds for your ears, too! Come and free yourself totally with our Pizzica, a therapeutic folk music, as the past suggests, or with a Opera performance in one of our several theatres or with numerous live music events. Finally, from our gastronomy to pinewoods forests, from sea breeze to aromatic herbs all around are delicious smells waiting for you.

Don’t let them down!
Come and visit us.
See You!


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